Some of the Things Inside

by Dael Orlandersmith

Presented by Waterwell @ PPAS/Joe's Pub
New York, NY • April 2016
World Premiere

photo credit: ryan jensen

Production Team

Some of the Things Inside is a world premiere new work by Dael Orlandersmith, produced as part of the Waterwell New Works Lab in partnership with the Professional Performing Arts School in NYC.

Some of the Things Inside explores the social pressures teenagers face every day as they attempt to navigate their relationships at school and at home. In particular, the show examines the impact of racism and misogyny on young adults. The design concept for the show was to create realistic environments, supported by ambient and abstract music to highlight and underscore moments of internal and explicit conflict.

—Adam Salberg, Sound Designer


photo credit: bryce cutler

She was filling and refilling this chipped off glass with vodka in her torn nightgown telling me, pleading with me, saying "I feel so alone. No one understand me. Never has. Why can't we be close? You and I are mother and daughter. Your father left us. He left ME. We're all each other has in the world - we are it. I would kill myself for you. I would die for you. You always pull away from me. You always have. I just want us to be close. You're my daughter..." Scene 2

photo credit: ryan jensen

Something happens. After a while, you get used to it. You get used to yelling, hitting. You don't like it, but you get used to it. Because NOW you know if you do something wrong, or something THEY think is wrong, you know what they're going to do now. Scene 3

photo credit: bryce cutler

I am scared. I'm thinking nobody will believe me because of the way he looks. And he's so popular. Scene 5

photo credit: bryce cutler

All you saw, all you CHOSE to see, was a black boy, or a brown boy, wearing a hoodie. Scene 15

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