The Woodsman

Directed by James Ortiz and Claire Karpen

New World Stages • New York, NY • February 2016

The Woodsman tells the story of Nick Chopper, the man who would become the Tin Man in L. Frank Baum's classic tale, The Wizard of Oz. The story takes place almost entirely in the mythical forests to the east of Oz - munchkin territory. To avoid the Wicked Witch of the East's spies, the people rarely speak. This created a rich opportunity to fill the show with the sounds of strange creatures and landscapes. Additionally, the play is largely a movement and puppetry piece. Throughout the actors provide acoustic effects to enhance the atmosphere.

—Adam Salberg, Sound Designer


Work for The Woodsman included an original thirty minute ambient soundscape emulating the mythical forests of Oz. The recording session featured 17 separate tracks including 8 original field recordings and detailed automation curves. Samples of individual mythical creatures below.


The Blue-Footed Grackle

The Carnivorous Treehog

The Fan-Tailed Yapper

The Large-Toothed Howler Ox

The Eastern Kalidah

Photo Credit: Hunter Canning

iOS App

iOS App

To help facilitate remote playback, I built a custom iOS app for stage management to use during the preshow sequence. The app allows for independent cueing and simultaneous playback of a preshow track and announcement. The cues are 48kHz uncompressed .wav format. The app provides stage management with visual confirmation of the status of each individual cue, and is run off of an iPod Touch.


"The moment you step through the door, enchantment envelops you. Flocks of Mason jars hang suspended, glowing with amber light. Bare branches sprout from walls in the orchestra or reach scraggy arms across the ceiling, almost into the balcony. Thunder rumbles under birdsong." The New York Times

"The performers share a common breath as they collectively establish the show's meticulously designed rhythms. However, just as no measure is left un-choreographed, no moment is left without emotional intention, creating an efficient engine that powers a robust heartbeat." Theater Mania

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